Our Mission Statement

We help our students improve their social skills by working together and having the same goals at our school. They will learn how to deal with conflict and have compassion for others. People who train in martial arts tend to be extremely respectful, considerate, and composed. We will make every effort to teach our students these attributes. Our students will develop self-discipline and pay attention to detail and rid their minds of any distractions. They will learn to be responsible and promote self-reliance and independence. This will be beneficial in every aspect of life. Our school will help relieve stress through a fun, safe, and challenging workout. Practicing, improving, and succeeding at a skill improves self-image and gives our students confidence. Looking for a way to increase strength and build stamina quickly and intensely, our school will check that box. One obvious benefit to learning kung fu at our school is an improved ability to perform self-defense techniques in situations where there is a real threat. We love to empower our students in life skills. We have discussions about gratitude, humility, respect, integrity, and discipline. Our number one goal while training in kung fu is safety and treating one another with the utmost respect. No one is above anyone, and disrespect in any shape will not be tolerated.
Martial arts & self-defense school located in Lancaster, CA. We teach the following kung fu, cardio, boxing, kickboxing, ground defense, weapons disarming.

Meet our team



As a Navy veteran, I am proud to have served my country and now I am fortunate and humbled to serve my community by teaching self defense classes. I have been practicing Kung Fu San Soo since 1998 under Master Frank Large and later under Salvador Felix. In 2016 Felix and I opened the doors to AV Kung Fu and Fitness. For the last four years I have enjoyed teaching self defense classes. Watching our students progress as they become more confident and empowered is an extremely rewarding experience. I am looking forward to serving our community for years to come.


Salvador Felix

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